Friday, July 17, 2009

What the ?

Let's say your walking down the sidewalk next to some lovely manicured shrubs and suddenly a cat runs out and between your legs really catching you by surprise. You then say "What the insert expression here ?". Now I have recently began what I will call my walk with God as my faith and relationship with Christ is at the forefront of what drives my life. I am his and I am in his hands. The same goes for you too, you just may not choose to accept it as it is or cherish the truth as I do. Nevertheless, I am new to this somewhat and only God knows what follows "What the" as the cat scares the holy crap out of me. ( I said holy crap!)

What's significant about this is that it is very likely that I will catch myself at this point from saying one of several words that one might see as being non-Christian. I don't know that I'll break down into text-book Ned Flanders and say "What the darn doodely diddely?" but I might say " What the Heck?". I might even say "What the?" and leave it at that.

For a moment let's suppose I didn't catch myself and I just let it fly, "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT? First off, I'm not a bonufide scholar of the Bible, but I don't recall where it says I shouldn't say that. If such is written in the Bible please let me know so I can study this further. Second, I know that I am already forgiven. How awesome is that? But chances are I am going to catch myself and not let that slip. The longer I walk with Christ, I find that am less likely to let such slip from my cake killer.

There are several expressive words that as a society, we have deemed curse words (or cuss words as we like to say here in the south). There is the famous "S" word one might shout as they realize they just locked themselves out of the house. You know, the one that means "doody". ( I am so stoked that I got to say doody in my blog). Is the "S" word a cuss word? Is that word in the Bible? Is Doody or other representative synonym in the Bible as an abomination? I will agree that there are some words that are just ugly words representing unsavory things that you just don't want to say and much of society doesn't care to hear it. But the most important thing is, if it slips, its OK. Jesus has forgiven us and he will pick us up, brush us off and continue to walk by our side. You can bet your sweet ......ummm.....rump on that!

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