Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shut up and go to work Roddy!!

Football season is just around the corner. It's the time of year where I get fired up for several reasons, good and bad. Good because I'm ready for some football. Bad because of the disappointing things that happen this time of year, such as injuries and hold outs. I'm a huge Georgia bulldog fan and I feel good about where we are this year. I'm also a big Falcons fan and also like where we are there as well, with one exception.

Roddy White is holding out of training camp/practice because he wants a contract RE-negotiation. He wants more money. In particular he wants the Larry Fitzgerald kind of money. Larry is arguably the best receiver in the game. Roddy is NOT.

I will give Roddy credit for stellar year in 08 but prior to that he was a pass dropping disappointment. Further, one good year does not make for a mega star! Does he deserve an increase? Probably so. Does he deserve what he is asking for? Certainly not.

So you just hold out Roddy. There is already an injury to a starting receiver for Atlanta and with your hold out your TEAM is down two starting receivers so you can feed your greed. I certainly hope they let him keep holding out. I wouldn't give a dime more than they have already offered other than season tickets so he can watch the game from the bleachers. The Falcons have spent the last two years weeding out Prima Donna players who are not in the best interest of the TEAM. Looks like there is a little more work to do there. God Bless and let's play some football!

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