Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Lost. So what, I got me some Jesus!

I am so happy that football season is back. I am not so happy that the Bulldogs lost to the Cowboys this past Saturday. I REALLY think we should be better than them but we are not because we lost. Why did we lose? I'm not sure but here are my thoughts on the game and the team:

  • Joe Cox with flu like symptoms was not as good as I expected he would be. I know he is no Mathew Stafford with an incredible rocket and a long ball but I did expect some accurate finesse passing. We have incredible receivers and Joe wasn't getting the ball to them. We do miss Stafford indeed.
  • We have a great running attack! Too bad our play caller couldn't capitalize on this within his strategy. To bad we couldn't identify what works at halftime. I'm not sure Mike Bobo is the right guy to be our offensive coordinator. Most teams have someone in this position that is much more experienced.
  • Defense was not too bad. They kept a powerful offense from scoring a lot of points. They were on the field a lot and didn't get overwhelmed. They were also dealt a few bad hands with turnovers in BAD field position for us. They still missed a few given opportunities for turnovers that I think would have changed the course of the game. It did for Oklahoma State when we coughed up the ball. Can Willie Martinez keep this intensity and improve a bit more on getting some turnovers? We sure have a LOT of talent.
  • Stacy Searels is one of the best coaches to come through our program in a while. We need to do what it takes to keep this guy on our staff. Could he play a bigger role?

These are the things that I question about the chemistry of our Bulldogs. These are the things that I pray will get better or get resolved. I really do pray for Georgia Bulldog football.

One thing that is different for me this season as in seasons past is that I am not devastated by this loss. There is something else in my life that I am even more excited about than Georgia football. I am fired up because it is also Jesus season and it lasts all year long! I get to play for His team, I get to root for His team and I get to recruit for His team. I love Georgia football and with Jesus I can love it even more and can roll with the punches a whole lot better.

This weekend we play South Carolina. They also are lacking on offense. This could be a dud of a game to watch but I'll be watching all the same. I'll have myself a bit of prayer before kickoff and no matter the outcome I will be content. Football is back and I'm watching the game with Jesus. Feel free to join us if you like. Go Dawgs!

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