Thursday, September 10, 2009

Made in His image......yet far from the real deal.

Several weeks ago I sat on my front porch with my wife and some of our close friends( another couple) talking about church and where Jesus has led us. We discussed kids, the ups and downs of raising teenagers, and general how's life been treating you subject matter.

My friend and I have had many adventures together and there was a time that we were certainly hell on earth. At least we thought we were. Twenty years ago I certainly didn't think we would one day be sitting on my front porch talking about Jesus. My friend's wife is of strong Christian faith and the Lord no doubt has worked through her to bring my buddy to where he is now. He goes to church regularly and certainly is involved with the church a great deal. As we sat on the porch there that night, I wondered how did my buddy get here? In addition, where exactly is he with his faith. I had to ask. He loves to be asked anything about his thoughts, beliefs or opinions, because he will certainly give them to you and he won't hold back.

As he explained "where he was" is was apparent that he has come a long way in his spirituality just for the fact that he has any. Yet as he described his beliefs he also told of the things that he struggles to believe in. Things like "how can God let horrible things happen to little kids?" This is certainly a difficult question for someone such as myself that is not fully prepared or educated to bear the armor of God as needed in this situation. However, I was able to explain that the sins of the world sometimes have horrible effects on the innocent. I explained that Gods love either shields these individuals to make the stronger or perhaps they are convicted to take a different path. Still, it's earthly sin and we all bear the scars of it's sword.

Then he went to say that there is no way that he could sacrifice the life of his son for anyone. He asked how a loving God could do such. How can a loving God allow such horrors that are present in our earthly lives? Once again the sins of the earth create the horrors we have in our life, not God. Still, he stumped me with the question of how can a loving father sacrifice his son for the salvation of others. He says he doesn't feel the love of God. I did not immediately have an answer. I was stumped. I only knew that I was concerned for my buddy and that I needed to pray for him......and HARD.

Weeks later, (today) the answer for me was clear and so simple that I wonder why I couldn't present it on the porch several weeks ago. We cannot comprehend that kind of love. We cannot think like God for we are so meager in comparison to his might, his wrath, and his love. We cannot love as hard, as strongly as God can. We are not that forgiving of ourselves or others.
John 3:16
“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. "

While we certainly can suffer and perish in our physical life here on earth, through BELIEF, we are given the gift to continue life beyond that eternally and without the wrath and scars of sin.

In addition we too are the children of God. God foresaw this deed long before Jesus walked the earth. He sacrificed a part of himself so that we might have salvation.

No doubt my buddy will read this as I'm sure his loving wife will show it to him. I certainly won't be surprised if he wants to debate this further. He probably has more questions. That's OK because the Lord has suited me up in some awesome armor and as I pray for my friend the answers will be provided. Face it, God loves you buddy! You might as well deal with it. Oh yea........I love you too.

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Anonymous said...

I love your words, as I know you love my niece, your children & our God!
I am so proud of all that has come into your life & Alisha"s.
You are 2 special people & the route you have taken will lead your children God !
Many children never have God fearing parents & they are never taught about him & with the right guidence your children will only grow & thrive, for more knowledge of our God.
"God is awesome & forgiving", & I know with out him in my life I would not be here today.
I learned years ago to let go & let God!There are just so many things we can not handle & we have to ask him to help us & he will take this into his hands & handle whatever the problem, it may not be the way we want things done but he is God & we are just his followers, & he knows best!
Again, so proud of you & your family & the love you have given Alisha!
Love you all bunches, Lissa