Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just how bad is it?

Two years ago Georgia went up to Knoxville flat and lacking passion for the game. To put it simple we were not fired up. We got our tails handed to us by a team that was not nearly as good as we were. But they were better that day. Coach Richt said we would never go into another game unprepared and lacking emotion. We did it again this last Saturday and we made the worst QB in the SEC look like Peyton Manning. We were never in the game and even the Jim Donnan teams of the 90's put up a better fight against better Tennessee teams.

Lane Kiffen made the bold statement that he would see to it that Tennessee would never loose to Georgia as long as he was coaching. This man, who most of us thought was a fool coming into the season did at least keep his promise to the Vol nation so far. Our Coach let us down.

What's wrong in Athens? Well, it you break it down to it's simplest form the problems with losing are caused by one of two things:
  • Lack of Talent
  • Lack of Coaching
We have dominated in recruiting battle for the last 7 years. We have as much talent on our team as anyone in the nation. We don't have a lack of talent. We have a coaching problem. Am I ready to throw Mark Richt under the bus? Absolutely not. I was hoping Willie Martinez would not be on the travel team this coming Saturday. I also wish Bobo were coaching QB's and Richt was calling plays.

What about Coach Mark Richt himself? I love it when he is calm as a cucumber during the crunch to remain focused on the game. I do not at all like it when he shows no emotion when we are being made a fool of by a team that's got nothing but Eric Berry. I'm ready to see some snot bubbles and spit barking out of a hopping mad Mark Richt. His team needs snot bubbles and spit! Dawgs Slobber for goodness sake!

We only have one game left this year that I don't much worry about and that's Tennessee Tech. I don't know if we can stop anyone else left on our schedule. One of the worst offenses in the SEC hung nearly 50 points on us this past Saturday and at this time Tennessee Tech is dreaming big thinking maybe they stand a chance.
Everyone else is certainly coming in thinking they will beat us. We have to prove them wrong. I don't know if firing someone in mid season is the right thing to do. But I think a statement needs to be made. A simple win against Vandy this weekend isn't going to cut it.

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