Saturday, November 21, 2009

Could we get a couple pounds of Pollack please?

I'm watching the Georgia/Kentucky game as I write this. Georgia looked like it could do whatever it wanted in the first half. I felt good about the potential future of the team. Then there was a little momentum change to start the second half and I realized that we don't know how to get that back.

We panic, we make stupid mistakes and we choke. What does it take to gain back momentum?  I'll tell you that it takes spirit, heart, and focus. All of this we lack on this Georgia team I love.....We are now fighting to prevent a loss as we are behind. Bobo calls predictable plays and Joe Cox has a crappy grin on his face when things don't work out. Three turnovers and more penalties. Two minutes are left and it doesn't look good.

We need heart. We need the likeness of Pollack on the defense. We need the focus and determination of David Green. Grinding it out and trying to get better isn't working. We stink.

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