Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finding Time For My Savior.......and me!

I don't think I have ever been busier that I am right now in my life. With three kids ranging from two to fourteen and a reborn life in serving Christ I am a busy man and my lovely wife, a busy woman. Tired yes but probably not any more so than we have been in the past. Ironically, in serving Christ, I do have less "free time" and this has made it difficult to find time to spend praying, talking to Jesus, and reading the Bible. In addition I find myself never doing the things I love and need.

Let me tell you about what I love and miss and how it can fit perfectly if I let it, as well as tell you what I need in life.

I love to:
  • fish
  • hunt
  • golf
In my life I need to:
  • exercise
  • pray
  • relax
  • read the Bible
Let's see how well those marry up starting with fishing. I have the boat and all the gear and right now is the perfect time to go after some slab crappie. I haven't been going because I've been watching college football on the television (which I also enjoy) and looking after my two year old while my wife does various things with the girls (my two oldest children). I could however make plans on a couple Saturdays a month to do so or even a quick trip to the local lake after church on Sunday. Fishing is peaceful, relaxing, and is an awesome time to pray and talk to Jesus. That works well and addresses several needs.

Now for hunting, This one is difficult for me lately for several reasons. One is that I don't have a great place to hunt anymore other than public land. I am spoiled in growing up in middle Georgia and miss the easy access hunting there. I was on a hunting lease but as the economic downturn of the country is upon us, it is simply not affordable to go south often enough to justify the cost of a hunting lease. Fuel is simply too expensive. But I can hunt locally and it would be enjoyable. That activity would provide exercise. (walking up a mountain carrying a gun, a blind, a backpack and a chair is darn good exercise for a big boy like me.) It is also an incredible opportunity to not only relax but to talk to God in prayer and connect with nature. I don't know if there is anytime better to pray than sitting in the woods quietly. It is awesome. Once again a pretty good marriage for my wants and needs.

What about Golf?? I don't know that golf accomplished as much, other that some well needed exercise that I desperately need. Unless you play alone(which isn't likely) it doesn't offer much as far as the opportunity to pray and spend time with Jesus. Further, I'm a pretty bad golfer so there is an increased chance that unsavory words might flow freely from my lips. Then again, I haven't played golf since rededicating my life to Christ. Maybe golf is something I should do with my daughter who has shown interest. That way I spend quality time with her and Jesus. Now there is an awesome opportunity!

Let's try to summarize my true needs in exercise, prayer, relaxation and reading the Bible. I have covered them pretty well in the loves I have above in some very good activity combinations. However, these are one day a week solutions to my true needs at best. I need more of all of these in my life on a daily basis. My thoughts are that walking is my overall solution. It gives me my exercise, and opportunity to pray and the after effect would surely result in some true relaxation. The only thing keeping me from this seems to be energy and motivation. I'll start by praying for this. A regular walk with Jesus will be a life blessing in so many ways. Somehow this solution seems so simple yet so difficult. Sacrifices will have to be made but the payout is surely worth it. Last but least, I need to read the Bible. I think I have a solution to that as well. I'm going to get myself a nice compact Bible to keep in my office at work. I'm going to start eating self prepared healthier choices in my office and spend that time reading the Bible as I enjoy lunch. Can it really all be this simple? I think it may!! OK so I have a plan. Let's see how well I execute.

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