Sunday, November 29, 2009


This has been a season of disappointment for any Georgia Bulldog fan. As most expected a building year, it still was hard to accept some of the losses and the fashion in which they were lost. Moreover it was hard to swallow that we lost to some of the teams we fell to. It was a year of inconsistent play, turnovers, penalties and a general lack of discipline and concentration. Most of all we lacked heart. As I mentioned in earlier posts, we have had problems coming back from a negative momentum change. That is a momentum change that favors the opposing team. However, something happened of November 28, 2009 in the last game of the regular season. The Bulldogs found heart and it was a beautiful thing.

Our offense played hard nosed football and ran the ball all night long, punching the highly favored Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets right in the mouth. When GT punched us back we kept on getting after them. I can't remember a Georgia offense that passed fewer times in a game, including when Herschel Walker was plowing through defenses. We had two running backs get over 100 yards rushing in what would be the most rushing yards in a game since Richt has been at the helm. They were running as if possessed. Possessed indeed by a heart bigger than we have carried all season.

The defense, although still not as physical as I have come to expect of a Georgia team, did what it took to hold off GT just enough for us to prevail. Not enough, I would say, to save Willie Martinez's job but enough to pull out our biggest win of the season, against a very good Georgia Tech.

This was also sweet vengeance for in 2008 GT beat a better Georgia team. Last year GT beat us with heart. This year our heart was bigger.

Work with heart, play with heart, love with heart, for through man's heart the Lord will do amazing things. Go Dawgs!

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