Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kool-Aid Part 2: Fire and Ice.

Ok, I'll try to make this short. It shouldn't be a problem because there isn't that much to say.

In Kool-Aid Part 1 I spoke of how I didn't really care for the production and fabrication of energy and excitement where it just didn't feel genuine. Be on fire for Jesus yes, but don't try to motivate or move me with something that isn't pouring out from your heart. This wasn't a problem at the second church we visited. In fact for a while there I wasn't sure if there was a pulse.

As we left the service from the second church we visited and piled into the van to depart, our pastor looked around the van as to say .....well?? What did you think?" I, as I am usually glad to give my opinion, stated that I learned a few things: " Ben Stein could probably give a sermon if that guy can." In addition, the best ideas or tips we took away from the visit was how not to make people feel welcomed, and on a positive note we learned that it is very important to get good casters (wheels) to put on the bottom of your carts, buggies and other equipment transporting devices used in a portable church set-up.

It was as if someone heard me say "turn that crap down" from the visit before and took that to mean turn everything down. This is a very successful church we visited. If they can have that kind of success with that kind of effort, then I am REAL exited about what we can do at Rockbridge Chatsworth when we launch.

So, We've sampled the porridge that's too hot. We've taken a sip from the bowl that's too cold. Now I'm ready for little bears' grub that's just right. I think little bear's going to eat in Chatsworth, Georgia and we're cooking dinner.

I never thought I would say this, but I am excited about being a portable church!
Afterthought: I should always be clear that as my BLOG is titled, these are my thoughts, and my feelings and they don't necessarily reflect the thoughts, vision and feelings of my church as a collective. In addition , although I speak negatively of these other churches, let me be clear in saying they are both doing an incredible job of sharing Jesus and saving souls. They are obviously doing a lot of things right. God Bless.

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