Monday, January 4, 2010

The Grout, the Cheesecake and the Nose Goblin.

< WARNING - some graphic content is not suitable for some readers >

So it has been a while since I posted, which means for the most part that I have been busy with a mix of Holiday Cheer. Today, without getting very fancy, I will catch you up on some of the noteworthy things that have transpired over the last few weeks:

  • For three plus weeks, my wife and I, along with some help of some awesome friends, have remodeled our kitchen. It looks fantastic and we are loving it. It was a small narrow kitchen complete with 1978 compress board counter tops and drawers that worked as well as a derailed train. We replaced the counter tops and tiled new ones in and did a great deal of carpentry and painting. We put down a temporary floor that will do until we tile the kitchen and dining area this spring. It was a lot of work and my body still has not recovered.
  • Christmas came and went. It was very nice this year as my ultra cool mother-in-law and good buddy Ethan came up a spend the holiday with us.The kids racked up and Alisha and I got an awesome kitchen. ( I also got some great XBOX 360 games.) We had a dinner party with great friends to break in the new kitchen on Christmas day.
  • The week between the holidays, I had a very minor surgery on a toe.( I almost passed out and vomited during the procedure - what's up with that?) The rest of the week I volunteered with decorating the new ministry building at Rock Bridge Community Church.
  • During a recent message at church, the pastor made a statement that he rarely sees things that people do that astonish him yet the work of God astonishes him on a regular basis. I tend to agree. Until the following Monday as my daughter and I are pulling into the parking lot at our local Hobby Lobby. ( yes we are the artsy fartsy kind of folk.) As we pull in to park, the car directly in front of us had a fellow in the passenger seat that did not seem to notice us pulling in, as his pinky finger was submerged into his right nostril to the hilt. I said to my oldest daughter who was in my passenger seat "Look at this guy picking his nose." No sooner did she look up, when he pulled out a keeper and proceeded to dine on it. Yes, this grown man of about 45-50 years old, ate a booger in broad daylight in front of all who witnessed. Needless to say, I was astonished!
  • My good friend and Pastor G (Gus that is) went to New York between the holidays and when he returned brought back some cheese cake for those who put in special requests. Now this is authentic "Cheesecake de New Yorke" and is to die for. It was also my first time tasting this heaven in a box. The problem is that I got it on Sunday afternoon after church and after lunch. The following Monday(today), I am committed to starting a diet and making some real changes in my lifestyle. Yesterday was certainly not today and I attempted to eat the whole cheesecake before bed time. I managed to get down two thirds in about 6 hours in an act of pure gluttony. I didn't want such a fantastic desert to go to waste and no one else in the house yesterday liked cheesecake. I hope my oldest daughter will finish it off today. Nevertheless, when I woke this morning, my esophagus felt like it was still packed with cheesecake and it was all I could do to not vomit. I am so glad I didn't think about booger man.
  • The Dawgs whipped the Aggies in the "toilet bowl" and showed us that we are indeed better off without Willie Martinez because we had our best defensive game of the season. I see promise for the 2010 season and I have high expectations. As of now, the SEC is break even in bowl wins/losses. I would love to see the Tide roll all over the Longhorns.
That's what's been going on for the last few weeks. Starting any day now, we will begin setting up Rock Bridge Community Church in Chatsworth, Georgia. There's lots of work to be done and I am stoked to get things going! Happy new year folks!! To all a fantastic 2010!

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