Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Save the last dance for "T"

Youth is where we learn so many lessons in life. Betrayal, humility, regret and remorse are among a few. I am reminded of a homecoming dance in high school that took place at a school across town.

My buddy, "D" we will call him, had it bad for a girl, "SC" we will call her. She went to the cross town school and she had an "on again-off again" boy friend, in which she was going to the dance with. D had been stirring things up pretty good for the couple and they were on the edge for sure. D had to get to that dance and would stop at nothing to make it happen.

D was a fun guy to be around because he was always getting into something over his head. I simply couldn't resist hanging out just for the pure entertainment value. You also never new what was on his agenda because he was a snake in every sense of the word. If Eddie Haskel from "Leave it to Beaver" was reborn, he would pierce his ear and call himself D. There happened to be a girl, "T" we will call her, that was quite smitten with D and he very much knew it. She was an awesome girl, pretty as can be and much too good for the likes of D. A Volunteer at the local retirement home and the 4th Annual Farm City Festival Queen, she was a sweetie some might say. Still, the girl can't resist the bad boy can they? Nevertheless, she asked D to the dance and he didn't hesitate to accept because he certainly had nothing to lose.

Shortly into the dance, SC and her boyfriend have the usual fight and he storms off with buddies to try to score some beer. Obviously, he too was also a bad boy. D didn't waste a second to swarm all over SC to console her, all the while leaving T sobbing by the punch bowl. D was certainly a jerk and even I was amazed when he left the dance with SC, after bringing T all that way.

There was a nice fellow named "P" at the dance that was about as sharp as a bowling ball, but a big physical freak. P reminded me of "Moose" from the "Archie" comics, a certified knuckle dragger but good as gold. When he saw T crying by the punch bowl he went to see if she was OK. When she told him what D had done, P was all over him, quite literally. To make a long story short, D got what he had coming and T came out OK in the end. I didn't actually see the massacre but I was told that besides a broken forearm, D had two broken ribs, a concussion and a fractured jaw. Bystanders said T broke the ribs herself with a swift kick to the gut. I didn't particularly care for T myself because she was from the wrong side of the tracks. Plus I knew she wasn't very bright for pursuing D in such a way to begin with. D, the poor son of a gun, just didn't know any better.

T was very popular gal and learned a good lesson that night as did D. I hear she ended up marrying a doctor shortly after she graduated from college. D is somewhat of a celebrity himself. You can see his picture on the Georgia Department of Corrections website. From my understanding he was a purse snatcher with an addiction to prescription pain killers. Ironically P is a corrections officer at the same facility. Life is funny huh??

So, Lane Kiffen has just left Tennessee by the punchbowl and hauled ass to Hollywood with USC. I can't wait until P catches up to him. Karma is a wonderful thing.

I am certainly no Tennessee fan. However, I am an  SEC fan and have said Kiffin was an imbecile all along. So to my SEC friends to the north, you are better off without him and I wish you a speedy recovery. By the way I think D is a Tennessee fan. The last time I saw him he was wearing orange!.....Go Dawgs!!!!

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Bob Grant said...

Thanks, Vic. Wise words from a wise man. I truly think we'll be okay in the long run - BUT - we have to make really good choice here (and quick) to keep the house of cards from falling. If we choose another trader/moron, it will take YEARS to overcome.