Friday, February 19, 2010

The Tiger - Hunter Has Become The Hunted

For months now Tiger Woods' sexcapades have been on the cover of every trash tabloid as well as on the forefront of all other media, in which in today's world has become as trashy as the previously mentioned tabloids. The thing that troubles me is not that this is a story for the media to report but how huge they have made it. Obviously someone cares because otherwise it would die down. I'm going make a case for Tiger here and through it I might even argue with myself a bit but stick with me anyway.

First lets look at the facts. What has Tiger done that was so horrible? Well, he cheated on his wife.........a lot! He has been a man whore like there is no tomorrow no doubt. However, he is certainly not the first celebrity to do so, yet I have never seen anyone crucified so badly for doing so. Crucified by the media, the fans, his peers and himself. Tiger woods is a rock star. He has fallen into a rut that many rock stars fall into. Why is his situation such a big deal to us. Why does he have to make a public statement. He doesn't have to say anything to me. Just go play GOLF! That's all I want from him. I don't give a rat turd if he is addicted to the snozz. I'll pray for him and hope he get's his life and salvation on the right path, but the ONLY ones he owes an apology, explanation, or statement to is: his wife, his kids, and God. It is none of our business and I for one, am sick and tired of hearing about it.

I see some of his peers on the golf tour tearing at him from several angles. Ernie Ellis commented that he was selfish in choosing the golf event this weekend for his platform to make a statement. HEY!!......he's coming back to play this weekend and WE have made him feel like he MUST say something to US before he can play. Others on the tour act like he's done something so horrible. A gentleman's game golf is but don't you dare act like Tiger's the first country club gigolo. Many have gone into the spotlight of fame at a young age. Many drunk with the power of being a celebrity have made poor choices just as Tiger. None have ever been dragged through the coals such as this. What has Tiger done to you?? For one, he has brought Golf to the front line of popularity so those that slander him also have the opportunity to have their two faces seen on the television as well. It's not the time to beat your comrade down. It's time to lift him up, brush him off, show him some love so he and the PGA can recover from the spectacle that the MEDIA has made of this. John Daly went on a downward spiral of substance abuse making several "comebacks" but we never tore him apart like this.  Shame on all of us.

Tiger, tell your kids and your wife that you're sorry, you love them and pray for forgiveness. Tell the rest of us to kiss your ass!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I have often heard stories of modern day miracles. Stories that seem genuine coming from the teller but are so far fetched you are left doubting the credibility of its' source. Today I have such a story to share. It's not my story to tell and I'm not quite sure it's completely played out but it is something I have to share because I am in awe.

I'll start some 13 or so years ago when my oldest daughter was just a toddler at best. We are at home one Sunday evening (it was Sunday from my best recollection) when we get a call from a family member telling us that my wife's younger brother of one year has been in an accident. He had been driving a rail buggy on a sandy dirt road and it flipped. He wasn't wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. As it rolled the bar from the roll cage came down across his back and broke it stretching his spinal cord some six inches. Scrappy we will call him, because he is as full of piss and vinegar as much as any I have ever seen. He would just as soon fight you as he would..........well, you place you own word in here. Born with swamp water in his veins, he was what we in the south call a "sport model". As we got this call on this unfortunate evening we learned that the accident had left him paralyzed from about belly button down. My wife was devastated as were we all.

Scrappy however, seemed to keep his spirits up, at least in the face of others. He was quick to joke about his own misfortune and no less scrappy than he ever was. His life had become however a endless battle with his health. Scrappy was a thin fellow but deceptively strong. Corn bread strong is what some in these parts call it. Nevertheless, as thin as he was, there simply wasn't enough meat on his ass to act as a shock absorber to bear the weight of his body in the wheel chair. This resulted in bed sores, infection and eventually the loss of a leg about 5 years ago. As the leg was lost it also added to the mix some digestive issues with bodily function. Still Scrappy was Scrappy and I assure you he would still slap anyone that he felt needed a slap.

Scrappy faced several more complications over the last several years ranging from kidney stones, infections, and lately some sever digestive issues causing blockages. This required yet another surgery. This one was so bad and the infection so intense that when they opened him up , they had to leave him open for weeks with a synthetic barrier to protect his insides from external invaders. In a very dangerous situation he pulled through and was able to go home for the holidays. After about a month at home Scrappy became ill once again and was immediately rushed to the hospital. My wife got another call on a Sunday evening. This time the news was grim. Scrappy's body was septic and without going on a ventilator and feed tube he was a goner. Scrappy made it clear that he did not want to go on a ventilator ever again. We rushed home some three to four hours away depending on the drive through Atlanta. We rushed so my wife could see her brother before he passed away.

When we got there it wasn't pretty. Scrappy was taking between four to seven breaths a minute. Someone on the medical staff (who should be publicly stoned) told family members that there was no brain activity based upon test results. The ICU waiting room was full of family and friends that had come from everywhere to say farewell. Stories of all the crap he had gotten into over the years filled the waiting area and one wonders how he was still alive that day. Through the entire night, nothing changed. Monday came and went and everything was the same. No IV, no water, no food and a frail body at about 70 pounds considering the missing leg. Jamie was able to respond long enough to confirm he just wanted to go home. Tuesday night he went home with hospice care. We drove back home so we could get back to work knowing that we would likely be driving back at any time. Prayer request were out nation wide and as far off as Australia for Scrappy and the family.

Wednesday morning came and something changed. Scrappy, who most everyone had given up on sat up in bed and said" I'm not going to just lay here and die!! I want a second opinion. I'll go on the ventilator if I have to, cause I want to fight this". Well alrighty then! To make a long story short, today is Friday and as of yesterday Scrappy is sitting up in bed, eating and the doctors can't find any infection. There is no logical explanation and as for me, I can not be convinced this is anything but a miracle.

I also learned yesterday that some friends witnessed to Scrappy the day before he went into the hospital and that he accepted Christ as his savior. That would explain a lot. I certainly hope Scrappy takes this opportunity to tell his story to witness to others. What an incredible holy warrior Mr. Scrappy can be. Like I said earlier, this isn't my story to tell but I had to share it. It is too amazing not to. I am in awe at the power of our Lord. I am humbled by the will of the human spirit as it is gelled with the holy spirit. Welcome back brother...........and God bless.

Scrappy isn't out of the woods yet and still has some recovering to do. Please join me in praying that our Father is able to work through Scrappy for years to come.