Monday, March 8, 2010

It's your fault.........but whos' responsibility??

Our Pastor recently gave a sermon on responsibility, accountability, and fault. I thought it to be worthy of mention here. Particularly for those who did not hear this message, I hope you get the concept from the following:

In Joshua Chapter 9, we see Joshua deceived by the Gibeonites. At this time Joshua had identified the surrounding lands as that of the people he would conquer. In order to prevent an Israeli invasion the Gibeonites pretended to be from a far land and requested of Joshua a treaty, so they might be servants to the Israelites. Under the impression they were from a far away land and not from the nearby hills, Joshua honored a treaty. Three days later, when Joshua discovered he had been deceived he still honored the treaty he had agreed upon in the eyes of God. Although the Gibeonites were at fault with their deception, Joshua took responsibility for his own part in allowing himself to be deceived. He could after all, have investigated these people further and seen through the elaborate plan of deception.

Through this Joshua was blessed as he acknowledged his responsibility as witnessed by his Lord Almighty and in turn the Lord saw to it that Joshua found the strength to honor his commitment to the Gibeonites and to be victorious in doing so.

Through this we see a clear difference between fault and responsibility. How often are we wrong and at fault and we leave someone else to pick up the pieces because we didn't take responsibility. Here someone else is taking responsibility for our faults. Consider when someone is at fault and others carry that burden, that pain, that punishment.

God will bless us when we take responsibility. He will give us strength to make our wrongs right and to work through the burdens of our own undoing. When we are at fault and fail to take responsibility we are not with God. Fault without responsibility is a curse on those that fail to acknowledge that they have made a mistake. The absence of accountability is the choice to carry the burden of a curse rather than the blessing of God through responsibility.

So, have you made mistakes in life? Can you think of recent examples in your life where it's your fault? Did you take responsibility? Are you in a place right now where you can take responsibility but the thought of doing so is overwhelming? Take the responsibility. Our Father will take the "overwhelming" away. He will lift that off your shoulders or at least lighten the load so that you can manage.

Are you at fault???.............or are you responsible????? Huge difference.

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