Monday, March 15, 2010

Woooo Hoooo!! Gandalf's coming!!

In Season 4, Episode 9 of the forever cult favorite "Friends" series, Ross and Chandler get a call from a college chum they affectionately refer to as "Gandalf". Gandalf is obviously a nickname in reference to the wizard in the "Lord of the Rings" series, adored by nerds everywhere. Now, am I saying that Ross and Chandler are nerds? Yes, to a degree I certainly am but no more than I would consider myself because I, like much of America, relate to these two characters, particularly those of us that matured during the 80's. This post is about Gandalf and his importance not in the fight between Good and Evil on "Middle Earth" as in LOTR, but the very same battle on our very own Earth. Our Lords Earth.

Let's start by identifying WHY Gandalf of "Friends" is nicknamed such. Here, the old college buddy is the "wizard" of good times. Gandalf knew where to find the party and everyone followed him to get there. Gandalf led others to the most outrageous, rock and rolling good times imaginable. In Episode 9, Gandalf cancels his trip to New York to the disappointment of Ross and Chandler. His influence is still so strong that even in his absence they try to simulate what Gandalf would have done with the help of Joey. Obviously with age and lifestyle changes they fell short of expectations, but the fact is, that Gandalf had such a strong influence that these dorks were led to his example even when he wasn't there. That right there is leadership.

Now in my life I have known my Gandalfs and to others, I assure you I have been the Gandalf.  There is no Gandalf shortage to help find a night of sinful good times. However, what if Gandalf got saved. What if our Lord were able to use the wizard to influence others and to lead them not to a crazy drunken good time, but to an eternal life basking in the Glory of our Savior. Through Christ, could Gandalf have such profound influence that in his absence the Chandlers and Ross's try to emulate him?? The answer in short, NO. But Gandalf can have the influence to introduce them to Gods party and in turn, when Gandalf is absent they will strive to be like HIM. They will strive to be Christ like.

In this past weeks church sermon we had the opportunity to write down a name of a person that needed Christ in their lives and then come to the altar to pin it on a cork board so these names could be prayed over. The name I wrote down may be confusing to some but to me it was clear as a bell: Gandalf. I pray that the Gandalfs in our communities find Christ, so they can bring people to Jesus through leadership. Can Jesus put a wizard to good use? You bet he can. He already has.

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