Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Unspecified violation of team rules" - Well said coach!

There's a lot of Rumbling in the state of Georgia as to why Coach Mark Richt dismissed troubled quarterback Zach Mettenberger form the team this past Sunday. Some folks suggest Richt might be hiding something or that he's making an example out of Mett to show his tough stance on disciplinary issues. I think Richt can be tough on these kids when he has to. I don't think it comes easy though.

Richt is very paternal towards his boys and though they may let him down, I have no doubt he loves each and every one of them. This trait is one of the strengths of Georgia's recruiting process. The recruit and the parent feel that the athlete is in good hands. I certainly would rather my son going to work for a leader with good Christian values such as Richt. Especially one that knows a thing or two about winning.

Back to Mettenberger. I assure you the silence and the vague description as to why he was dismissed is for the benefit, protection, and respect of the young man. I'm sure Mettenberger has a lawyer who is working diligently to put together a defense. Slinging crap across the media Spurrier style certainly isn't going to do anything to help the integrity or the future of this young man.

So what exactly did Mettenberger do? 
There is nothing to gain for the program or the athlete to go into any further detail other than "it was a violation of team rules". That's enough. However, for those of us that are simply curious or plain nosey, we may never really know. We know he was on Spring Break and was in Valdosta to see the spring game for VSU where some of his friends played ball. While there he went out doing what college kids do. But not what Division 1 starting quarterbacks do (or should do). I can tell you this. Mett according to record was charged with underage possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, obstruction and two counts of possession of false identification. Two fake ID's?? Seriously??

Although it was long ago, (1989-1991) I did go to college in Valdosta and while there, I lived in the very same small town of Remerton. I lived a mere par four from where the incident took place. Remerton is a SMALL town consumed on all 4 sides by the city of Valdosta. It's about the size of 2-3 normal city blocks at best. It is nothing but a bunch of old mill houses and apartments now used as rental housing primarily occupied by college students.The outer perimeter on the main road leading to the campus is Baytree steet and there you will find several bars and popular hangouts for the college kids. The only thing that has changed since I was there is that there are more bars to choose from. As small as Remerton is, it does have it's own police force. When I was there it consisted of one full-time squad car and it's officers were not unlike Barney Fife. Things may have changed since then but somehow I doubt it. When I lived there I was hell on wheels, wild as a bobcat, and full of piss and vinegar. The most trouble I ever got into was trying to outrun Barney one evening after running a stop sign. They shook their finger at me and gave me a ticket for running a stop sign after I assured them I had no idea they were in pursuit. Stop signs are what they were notorious for. They certainly were not known for pestering drunk college kids. That would be like herding alley cats. My point is to get in trouble here you pretty much had it coming.

If you're in a three way competition to be the starting quarterback for a Division 1 program rule number one is you keep your nose clean. Discipline has to start with your leaders. When the news broke about Mett in trouble down south, his leadership credibility was shattered. As tragic as that is its the cold truth.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see Mett end up quarterbacking at a university in another division. Particularly and ironically enough, I'll predict Valdosta State University. He already has buddies in the program and they would be crazy not to go after him. So, Maybe we can see a re-birth in Mettenberger. Maybe he can rise from the pile of ashes he left in little Remerton Georgia.


Vic Webb said...

Coach must mean business. Trent Dittmer, walk on senior punter dismissed from team today on alcohol related issues. UGA SPORTS

Vic Webb said...

Quote from AJC article on UGA verbal commitment, Rossville’s Devin Bowman

“I think the thing is, what really got her(mother), was their promise that they’re going to take care of me as a parent would, even though they’re not my parents. I can’t remember exactly what they told her but the big thing was that they were going to take care of me and I guess she liked that because she was really loving them.”

I rest my case.

Vic Webb said...

Here is the AJC article on Devin Bowman

Vic Webb said...

“The bottom line is, I want to do what’s best for this football team, and I want to do what’s best for the young men too, and sometimes if a young man loses his opportunity to play for your team, a lesson will be learned by him and everyone else who is watching.”--Coach Richt after dismissing backup punter Trent Dittmer

Vic Webb said...

Follow-up: Mett did some bad stuff beyond beer bonging! In his sentence he was banned from Valdosta for a year.(a year??) What were the chances of him going back this weekend? Nevertheless, my predictions of him emerging in a VSU Blazers uniform are likely way off. I doubt he will wait until next year to resume playing ball. What a pecker neck!