Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear LOST - Can BP borrow the Jughead Bomb?

I've never been a conspiracy theorist or one to be overly suspicious of the world around me but lately I find myself very suspicious of our country's government and it's core relationship with the oil industry. I have more and more questions about our motives, our insight, our unity and our direction at it's core. Call me crazy, but here goes.

On March 31, 2010  President Obama upset or "stirred up" if you will, years of policy and his own environmental backers. He opened up through policy, a generous portion of East Coast waters,  protected areas in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska to drilling. Finally a step in the direction of getting away from foreign oil dependency right? It seemed so until Tuesday April 20, 2010.

Less than 3 weeks after this bill passes a disaster hits an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil rig explodes and results in an uncontrollable oil leak in the pristine waters of our Gulf. Really?? Someone tell me please when was the last time this happened. Coincidence?? I find that too hard to believe. I think it is deliberate.

So who's responsible? That's the hard part. Our Government (Obama) proving an "I told you so" point the hard way? British Petroleum as an attempt to prevent additional drilling by competitors thus protecting record profit margins? A collaboration of both the forementioned in a collaboration to protect the common interest of both? So let's say it warrants investigation. Who will investigate? I'll tell you, US government and BP officials to no prevail. Why did it blow up and why is there no plan in the event it does?

Now on to the cleanup.  BP is heading this up and through social networking( Facebook, Twitter, ETC) they are launching a shameless publicity campaign literally bragging about "look at all we are doing to help in this tragedy". Tell that to all the wildlife, the fishermen, and the worldwide consumers negatively impacted by this. It makes me sick. Now the public thinks our government should step in to stop the leak and clean up the spill. Government experts say they are not prepared for the undertaking. WHAAAAAAAT?? Give Jack Bauer a snorkel and a sack of concrete and 30 minutes later it should be done right?? Obviously it's not that simple but we can stop that oil leak and we could have on day one. Simply "blow the hatch", cork the bottle and quit with the shameless attempt to reclaim the oil that is spilling. Abandon that drill site and find a new way into that pocket of oil. With the proper safety devices in place this time please!.

With the greed money made by oil companies, BP should be solely responsibly for the financial impact of this disaster, paying restitution for everything lost: jobs, natural resources, tourism, etc. Our Government is gutless and lacking integrity if it doesn't demand just that. It would also further suggest involvement or at least putting the health of government/oil industry relations above that of the well being of the American people.

This isn't quite rocket science folks and even if it was we are absolutely capable. Our government thinks we are stupid and rightfully so. We are. Oil Companies are currently robbing our income though collaborative monopoly and now we see they have no problem crapping right in our back yard!

I close with these thoughts: This is certainly no slam at the Democratic party. Although I despise where they are taking our country, I was no more thrilled at where we were going under Republican leadership. This has been a bitter post because I am bitter. I usually have something in my BLOGS about my Christian faith or at the very least some Georgia Bulldog Football. So to hold tradition here goes. A big part of being a Christian is loving others. It's wanting do for others. It is about putting others before yourself and your own agendas. It is the foundation of what our country was built on. We have not had that kind of leadership in my lifetime. If we don't get away from the agendas of Democrats and Republicans, Oil Companies and the Auto Industries, we are in big trouble and it will come sooner than later. We Need Patriots not Politicians. Where are they? We should pray they rise to the occasion.

Oh yea.........GO DAWGS!

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