Friday, June 4, 2010

As the oil spills, so do emotions.

I normally don't become emotionally connected with news headlines, disasters or other national tragedies. I do recall a few: Columbine, which has been an unfortunate trend setter, comes to mind first. Secondly, the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. The recent oil spill in the gulf however hits close to home for some reason. I am really overcome with a blend of anger and sadness.

As I said in an earlier BLOG I am suspicious if it was really an accident or intentional. Either way it happened and it's still happening 45 days later. I am angry that this thing is still leaking and we just sit here and watch the BP stooges failed attempt after failed attempt to stop it. I don't think they are trying to stop it. I think they are trying to reclaim the oil. Or maybe I should say reclaim the source of the oil. I don't think they want to abandon the financial investment they have in tapping that oil pocket.

I certainly wouldn't call myself a tree hugger. I'm a hunter and fisherman, and I value natural resources as they are our God given right and responsibility. When I see pictures of the dead pelicans, dolphins, turtles and fish I feel like choking the life out of an oil man. When I see the lives of hard working fishermen and their culture taken away from them I am pissed off. When I see the natural beauty of our gulf shores oiled down with petroleum gunk I am irate.

Here we are 45 days and counting. The ocean is full of oil. The gulf stream is picking it up and it's going to make it's tour. When will it hit the east coast? What happens to tourism along all of our nations beaches comes to a halt? What will be the true financial impact? What about other nations? South and Central America, Cuba, Bahamas? What species will be wiped out? Blue Crabs? Manatees?

The biggest question, when does it stop? I am mad, sad and want somebody strung up by the....... and if President Obama doesn't have the backbone to make that happen then maybe he should be strung up by the grapes. You Jackass's.

God forgive my ranting and give me peace from the anger and resentment I feel.


Vic Webb said...

Note: In case anyone wonders, I am FOR more offshore drilling to get America off of foreign oil. That plan needs to be put into effect. Step 2 is to stop our dependence on oil for fuel with alternative renewable energy sources. The oil still is needed to make plastics and other petroleum based products. This tragedy was preventable. We can drill and ensure this never happens. Now, BP either took shortcuts and ignored proper safety measures, or they are the victims of sabotage. Nevertheless, I don't want anyone thinking I don't support giving the APEC the big ol middle finger.

Vic Webb said...

More images to make me Crap hellfire: