Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Running the Option.

Like many, I have an opinion about Saturdays game against Auburn. I have always appreciated Auburn and a classy rival with tradition and values that resembled our own more than other SEC programs. That opinion changed Saturday.

Although I had planned on layinig it all out with a deep ball for you this morning, I read another BLOG that I felt said it for me. So with that, I'm going to catch my breath and pitch the ball here on the option. Read it HERE on Hedges2Hardwood.

The only thing I would add is where do we go now? Georgia played with class and played hard, but Auburn is not that great. Undefeated yes but this year is an off year for the SEC ripe for the pickin'. Auburn capitalized, we did not, although I would rather lose like we did than win like they did. I cannot ignore the fact that we are not in the SEC championship this year. Saturday's game is the ONLY one we should have lost and that is questionable. We have been horribly out coached this year and as much as it pains me, as much as I LOVE Mark Richt, I think it is time for a change before our program suffers Fulmerization.

To hell with Tech! We beat them this weekend and become bowl elligible. It may be the Quaker Oats Bowl........but we'll be bowl eligible!

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