Monday, December 20, 2010

The Whisper of Wisdom Calls

Am I bold enough to call myself wise. Maybe not but I certainly know "stupid is as stupid does". Sometimes there are things a person just can't let go of. I'm sure what I am about to say is mentioned somewhere in past posts but I can't help but say it anyway and hope it is more meaningful this time. Here's my thinking on modern politics.

First off, nobody likes to talk politics anymore. It usually get feelings hurt and causes some kind of disruption. It's because nobody likes politics anymore because they have become something that is so Non-American that for the life of me I can't understand how we as a nation united got here. Politics have become a two headed monster fighting it's own madness for the same yet different agenda of power.  It's nothing more than that! It's sole purpose it to gain that power at all cost just so it can chop off the other head. We, the people of America, the Citizens of The United States of America are thus forced into a choice of one head or the other hoping the one we side with wins. But we or they never win. The other head always grows back. and there is never a right choice because neither head is better than the other. Neither can get past the task of bringing ruin to the other so it is a truly vicious cycle.

I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss story called the Sneetches. It's a childrens book about two groups or classes of the same creature who's only difference is a star on the belly of one group. The class without got stars to be like the other group and the ones with removed theirs to retaliate and to keep separation. By mid book it was a mad race to remove the star or add the star which eventually led to them not knowing who the heck was who. It's the perfect representation of racism and illustrates it's perfect resolution. Politics is not unlike these sneetches in it's effort to keep our county divided through leadership. Politics are so vile and filled with hatred that after the election we can't get past our differences so we can get things done for our country. We can only start the slander and mud gathering for the next election. Unfortunately unlike the Sneetches we can't blend. We can't come across a resolution even by accident. When was our last Congressman, Senator, President who put our country's well being ahead of the interest of their respective parties?? I don't know of one in my lifetime.

Why hasn't someone been bold enough and respected enough to break down these walls and say enough of this crap? Why isn't there a knight in shining armor that will come along and cut both heads off the dragon and end it's reign of terror? Am I the only one that sees this? Am I the only one that cares. Do American really think that Democratic, Republican or both/either are the answer to our Nations issues? Does anyone really think that either can or will change the way anything is right now? Common sense will tell you they will not. They are protecting the interest of their people and I am here to tell you that is not US!

I certainly don't have the platform to change a nation, but if I can open the eyes of a few then maybe someone else will. Or maybe a fire will be started for a new group to warm by as we gain our strength. Maybe someone will hear the small voice in a sea of fools.

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