Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Ox Is In The Ditch

It has taken me all week to get past the pain of the Boise State game to even think about putting some thoughts down in a post. I will lay out my thoughts of the Game in hindsight and moving forward into this weekend and beyond.

First lets look at last weeks game. What we saw in it's purest form is a team prepared to play and a team not prepared to play. Obviously we were the latter. We started out in a fashion that made me feel great, especially on defense, that the hype of the summer was legit. Then the offense exploded with the big play by Boykin. as awesome as that was it was quick and put our defense right back on the field and Boise continued to manage the field position battle and the time of possession. Our Bigger, Faster and stronger didn't stack up to the methodical, strategic and fundamental approach of Boise. Ogletree went down and the defense quickly began to lose traction. We were owned by a prepared offensive entity.

Our offensive line is the root cause of our offensive woes. We were manhandles by a smaller but disciplined defensive front. Their no huddle was quick and merciless. Ours looked like an open field huddle as we had to look to the sideline for instructions for every play once the defense lined up.  Murray overthrew the receiver several times. Several passes were dropped.  They were WELL coached. We, in my opinion, were not.

There were some bright spots. Boykin played with the heart that I wish the rest of the team would play with. Our young guys played great, including Crowell, who just needs somebody to block and open a hole.

I love this team. I love Mark Richt. However I have been in a funk of depression all week because we NEVER play to our potential. Things don't look good right now going into the South Carolina game. With the loss to Boise we have been exposed to several weaknesses. I never realized how fragile we are in depth in several areas, particularly Inside LB. We will potentially start a 210 lb walk-on that was cut from the team last year. That sound pretty darn desperate to me.

When I see the players on twitter they sound like losing is not a big deal. I know what it feels like for a winning team to lose and it's devastating. I want these guys to be devastated and move forward with that energy to get better. I don't care for the "oh well we will work harder" spill. It takes more than hard work.

Here's the skinny: Richt and staff have to coach UP this week. We have young and inexperienced players going up against upperclassmen with good experience. They are physical. We are loaded with talent but it won't get us anywhere if our team doesn't play with heart. We didn't play with heart last week. We didn't play with heart last year. The same ol gameplan will not work Saturday. It's time to GATA! If we don't we must end this and not waste time doing so.

I'm going to say a prayer for my Georgia bulldogs. I pray that they dig down deep. They grasp their hearts, and that the Lord will make them mighty. I don't mind losing if I felt like we were doing all we can. Leave it all on the field boys. Be champions in your heart. Your coach needs this. The Bulldog Nation needs this.
The Ox is in the ditch boys. Get down in there and push him out.....ALL of you. 

Go Dawgs!

By the Way -  Vols Suck!!

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