Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Anyone that had a childhood that resided in the 70's may remember a TV show on Saturday mornings called The Shazam Isis Power Hour back when cartoons and kid shows didn't have their own channel. In those days Saturday was about the only time to see a cartoon other that the occasional reruns right before or after school. This particular show was a cheese filled hour that I indulged in every Saturday.
It's been some time since I've posted so I thought I'd update what's up in the cave with a little 70's flare and see if I can make it relevant.

My walk with Christ continues to mature and as I serve more, study my bible more, testify more and love more, I find less time to do other things such as Blog. I find myself spending much less time on Facebook as well. At the risk of revoking my man card I will admit I have discovered pleasure in a little on-line entity known as Pinterest. It is a source of visual inspiration, nerdy humor and endless recipes. Many evenings have been wasted giggling over Geektastic humor or salivating over some sweet dish posted by other users. In the heart of "football winter" it is easy for me to come up short for blogging content.

There has been one thing in my world that has humbled me, inspired me, blessed me and bewildered me. I am for all realistic purposes still very young in my walk with Christ.  However, the people at my church have nominated me and thus I was selected, to serve as an elder for my church. I didn't generally consider myself elder material and often I wonder what are they thinking. However I am greatly honored just to be considered and will serve to the best of my ability with everything I have to offer. Some may wonder what an elder is as did I early on. The term alone reminded me of Shazam. young Billy Batson would call upon the wisdom of "the elders" to teach some moral lesson with each episode. The elders of my church are leaders to uphold the moral values of our church vision and protectors from anything that prevents anyone from encountering Christ. So as I strive to overcome my own sinful nature I also pray upon my Father to give me the strength to be a church leader. A champion if you will.!

The elders on Shazam were portrayed as animated representations of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. I'm not sure how Solomon fits in with the rest of those monkeys but I suppose something had to represent wisdom as that was his "superpower". So what is my super power as an elder one might ask? Obviously I don't have any super powers ( other that my uncanny ability to smell fire ants and hymnals) but as an elder I am able to bring some things to the table even as green as I am in my walk with Christ.

First, I am no stranger to leadership and I am comfortable in that roll. I am more that happy to use my experience there to serve Jesus and His church. Sometimes elder meetings for church business are very much like meetings in the corporate world. However, job security with the Boss at church is much better as I will get to serve Him forever!

Second, I am one who will speak the truth and what is on my mind even when it isn't easy. I'm counting this as a positive although it has the potential to be a double edged sword.

Third, I have a genuine love for Jesus and His church. I am very passionate for it and will fight for it.

Fourth, I have a strong sense of people and their intentions, good or bad. I know when someone is genuine, fabricated, good or bad. Not sure if this is so important for an elder other than the protection element. This too can be a double edged sword as it could prevent me from spending time with those that NEED Jesus.

I very much dislike fake people or people who identify themselves with items or monetary value. I don't like bragging at all. Now I'm not talking about bragging on your favorite sports team. I'm talking about self idolized bragging. Sometimes good deeds are bragged on. I can understand being proud to a degree but some folks just love them some "me". Ughh!! disgusting. Makes me want to punch them in the forehead! However, these are the very people that need Jesus. They seek recognition. They seek to belong. They lack the contentment of being the adopted child of Christ. Many of them are right there in the church disguised as
Christ followers. I call those the "look how much I'm putting in the collection plate-rs". They may be the hardest nuts to crack. They might read this and not know I'm talking about them. "Amen" they might say. Amen indeed.

Nevertheless I'm an elder and I hope my God and church are well served by what I do. I often think I'm in way over my head. Am I worthy? People voted me in. Does Christ not validate me? When I go to an elder meeting I am surrounded my some of the most Godly, admirable men I've ever encountered. I can't believe I stand among them. One thing I feel very inferior about is prayer. I never prayed in front of anyone before a couple years ago. I know God hears it all the same when from the heart but man when we go into prayer these guys can pray! Immaculate flow!( for you gangstas that means Mad Flow) If they were rappers I'd be in the company of Snoop Dawg, Tupac, Easy E, etc.  I get fired up listening to them pray and then when it gets around to me I make whoopee cushion sounds and spit all over the person in front of me. What an honor to be with these men. Praise Jesus for putting a bozo like me among them.

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